Zionism cannot produce a just peace.

Only external pressure can end the Israeli apartheid.

Washington Post

20 May 2021

Telegram: Insecure By Design

As millions flock to Telegram, 7 reasons to question the app’s privacy claims.


19 Jan 2021

Dictators are Besieging Internet Freedom

And Trump Just Opened the Gates.


22 June 2020

Abolishing the Police is Not as Extreme as It Sounds.

Here is How it Would Work.


6 June 2020

Beyond Policing

After the murder of George Floyd, many people are asking "What can be done?" The first step is to look at alternatives beyond reforms.


4 June 2020

Racism is in the air

Most of us unwittingly contribute to racial tensions. Undoing it starts within.


1 Aug 2019